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Welcome to Wintech, your distributor for computer peripherals.

The company Wintech is an in 2004 founded organization that’s active in whole Europe. The main focus of the corporation lies within the distribution of computer peripherals to major customers. Due to our great international contacts we’re able to provide a price advantage that our customers learned to appreciate in the hard competition of our branch and guarantee a successful market appearance.

Wintech Computer GmbH with the domicile in Wörrstadt develops, produces and distributes high quality and ergonomic optimized, peripheral products around the computer. In a close and intense cooperation with the producers in Asia we’re able to provide perfected and shapely accessories that are both suited for the professional everyday life and the ambitious “gamer”. Despite the high quality standards it’s our demand to offer products for a cheap price on the market.

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Wintech Computer GmbH

Majid Rajab Semnani

Ober-Saulheimer Str. 5a
55286 Wörrstadt

Phone: +49(0) 67 32 / 9 38 90
Fax:+49(0) 67 32 / 93 89 20

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