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Welcome to the customer support of Wintech Computer GmbH

Our products are produced with minute care and are constantly checked. But even we’re unable to eliminate all technical problems or troubles with hard- and software. We’re trying to help you as good as possible, so you can resume working with your wintech product quickly. You can reach us by mail, phone or the contact form.

If there are drivers required to operate your wintech product, you’ll be able to find the adequate driver directly on our »product page. If there are still questions unanswered or problems unsolved, don’t wait and contact us via our »contact form.

Please mind that we need your correct email address. Without a valid email address, we’re unable to handle your request. You should also check your spam folder if our response accidently got marked as spam. The time it takes to respond differs from a few minutes up to 3 workdays and depends on the number of emails we get.

For our vendors: POS-Display “Wintech Hot Selling”


You will attract lots of attention and interest with our cardboard product display in your store or on big expositions!

Eye-catchers, Displays or banner ads are essential Medias for special offers and piques interest of your customers directly at your point of sale.

The form and the used materials enable you individual handling with your advertising materials. Products or brochures are a useful addition.

At the same time we’re also making sure that our products have multiple purposes. This is the reason why you can use the eye-catcher “Wintech Hot Selling” both as a poster stand and as a product display. Elegant, compact and light – placed onto a small one-way pallet it’s easy to transport or move it around your store.

You can order the display either completely assembled or filled with products, or in fragmented pieces
in a shipping box. The Wintech Computer GmbH-Team will be
glad to help you anytime. »Contact form

Download: »Pdf Display - mounting instruction


Wintech Computer GmbH

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